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A sort of nature journal to help me share those things I love.

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Amazonite is commonly found crystallized with Smokey Quartz. A single large, blueish hunk of it was the best that I got- Im certainly not complaining!

The veins are called pegmatites- coarse igneous rock with grains at least 2cm.

Most pegmatites, including the ones around Lake George, are simply coarse granites- composed of quartz, mica and feldspar and hosting a range of exciting minerals and crystals. The mineral was once considered only to exist in a few spots in the llmen Mountains of Russia and was named after similar green stones found near the Amazon River. Today, two locations in Colorado: Lake George and Pikes peak, The Llmen Mountains and a possible locality in western Montana are the only places where the mineral is known to occur.

The old jail building made for some cool photos; I walked through town, past all seven colourful buildings, and continued into the park. I passed a pair of crows gnawing on a red skeleton only meters off the road.

The scene seemed appropriate for the flat nothing that was south park.

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